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I won big, by a lot!

Start Smoking – from non-smoker to chain smoker!
30 December 2020

Finally one platform where my messages aren’t corrupted by the Fake Lamestream Media!
Congratulations to Start Smoking for having me. Great job!

Well, I'm not used to writing more than 280 characters - or reading that much. But I will pass this challenge. I am the only US President to beat the Chinese virus! I will NOT lose - to viruses or votes! I won big, by a lot!

Do I smoke? No. But at least I do support Philip Morris by holding their stock. What has the radical left ever done for the American Tobacco industry? Nothing at all! They are against your personal freedom! First they want to take away our guns, next they'll take your cigarettes!

They don't care about all the children in the developing world either. Thanks to PM and BAT subcontractors, these children can go to work every day on the tobacco plantations. Have you never wondered why the unemployment rate of children is so low in developing countries? Without smokers and the tobacco industry, these children would not have jobs! Instead they would have to go to school!

Do children like to go to school? I don't think so. I never liked going to school. And look where I am today! I am POTATO ... POTUS! ... (hate that damn autocorrect function) ... I'm still POTUS. And will be. I won big, by a lot!

And what about the parents of these kids, the tobacco farmers. Without smokers they would have to grow food in their fields instead of tobacco. Then why should they import food from the US! No one from the socialists told you that. So sad.

To the German people: I don't like your chancellor lady that much. I know she won't let you party and firecrackers this New Year's Eve. My advise: Just light a cigarette and make your own little Feuerwerk!

PS: I won big, by a lot!

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