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Black Lungs Matter

Start Smoking – from non-smoker to chain smoker!
31 May 2021
Call for ANSD (Anti-Non-Smoking Demo)

Black Lungs Matter! ++ The counter-demo to the world nonsmoker day

Dear Smoker Community, our smoker association "Black Lungs" is holding its first annual counter-demo to World No Tobacco Day tonight. Please come in numbers and participate in our midnight march (if you still have at least one leg)! Crutches, walkers and respirators will be available for your use at no charge. If you run out of air, use our mobile oxygen tent to refuel!

There is to be no room for us smokers in the system of the elites. The World Health Forum's "Great Reset" envisions a world without us smokers and bland, clean air without smoke particles. For years, Antita (anti-tobacco action) has been mobilizing against our association. Today's World No Tobacco Day is an invention of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the non-smoking industry, with which they want to further discredit German smoking and tempt us to buy nicotine replacement products or make good resolutions. Not with us!

Maintaining the smoking tradition
Statistics show that the smoking trade is often passed down from generation to generation. "If not ourselves, we would at least like to keep the tradition alive," says a member of our association who has passed on his own passion for nicotine to his son through his exemplary behavior. "By modeling our values to our children, they adopt them almost by themselves."

Tumors have a right to life, too
Smokers who are pregnant with tumors are often coerced into abortion by members of the nonsmoking lobby. "The evil pressure from my family environment to have my lung cancer removed was enormous," reports one victim, who does not wish to be named here. "We are strictly against the abortion of tumors," says priest Nicotinus von Weihrauch. "Would the Lord God have created tumors if he had wanted man to destroy them?"

Fake Media
For years, the media have been reporting in a one-sided, cautionary manner about the alleged risks of using tobacco. If you look more closely, behind such "studies" are usually doctors or health organizations suspected of maintaining contacts with the non-smokers' lobby. Representatives of the tobacco companies have repeatedly confirmed in court under penalty of perjury that cigarettes are not harmful. On the contrary, the positive effects of cigarette consumption on the salaries of the bosses of Phillip Morris and Co. are undisputed!

Midnight march
We don't want to put up with all this any longer. We are fed up with the constant reprimands and lectures from the radical non-smokers! The clock is ticking. It is five to twelve with all of us! Tonight we have to show our (wrinkled) face! The glow of our smoldering cigarettes and the smoke pouring into the night air will be the symbol of our protest! Thousands of cigarette fireflies will light up the night to day! Let's turn our cigarettes into torches of resistance!
I say to you, dear Brrüdaar ond Schwästern: Victory ... Move in!
(Oh yes, who still has Rügenpresse posters, please bring them!)

ANSD program
When. Today, five to twelve (i.e. shortly before the end)
Where? In Kippenstadt. Meeting point: At the Zündlerplatz
Guest speaker: Filip Moritz
Important: Please comment and share this call with your community so that we can smoke even more people!

Further on good train!
wishes you
Your Friedhof Krebs
Chairman Black Lungs Association

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