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CAUTION: Collagen trap!

Start Smoking – from non-smoker to chain smoker!
18 April 2021
Doctors sound the alarm! More and more women are falling into the collagen trap!

Collagen is a treacherous "structural protein" that settles into the lower layers of the skin, making it appear more radiant than absolutely necessary. Sufferers are often women. Those affected suffer from being mistaken for being younger than they actually are.

"I wanted to go to an over-30s party, but the bouncers wouldn't let me in because they thought I was in my early twenties," reports a female collagen victim in tears as she recalls the incident.

Kerstin Z.*[name changed by editor] had been so traumatized by the experience that she hardly dared go out on the street anymore. "Every time a stranger looked at me, I had the feeling that he thought I was younger than I really was!"

Kerstin is not an isolated case. In particular, women who have passed the age of thirty and do not want to be satisfied with the visual maturity they have achieved suffer from the excess of collagen in their own skin.

Cigarette replaces costly decollagenization
No wonder that cosmetic surgeons have been literally overrun in recent years by women who want to have their collagen surgically removed.

"Many women are ashamed of their flawless skin and turn to us in desperation," reports Dr. Felix Fagerström, whose practice specializes in decollagenizations. "The trend is definitely toward more mature skin."

To that end, Fagerström swears by cigarettes as a therapeutic tool, and has increasingly moved away from the far more involved surgical decollagenization. "Smoking removes the annoying collagen pads in the skin much more efficiently than we would ever have been able to with the means of classical medicine," he explains, proudly presenting portrait photos of female smokers for whom the therapy was a complete success - including Kerstin - as proof.

Raucherinnen mit kollagenbefreiter Haut

"Every woman has the right to at least look her real age," says Fagerström. "But we like to take it up a notch!"

Using hypnosis, he helps women kick the smoking habit. "Most of them manage to do it on their own. But many just can't get out of their skin. That's where we like to help."

Kerstin also let Dr. Fagerström guide her into nicotine addiction. "The idea of one day having passed forty and being mistaken by people for being in my mid-thirties was pure horror for me," she says. "Starting to smoke was therefore the logical decision."

While the cost of cigarette therapy averages about 200 euros per month - depending on the level of therapy - much higher than the traditional method, it is highly likely to end on its own sooner than for nonsmokers.

Dr. Fagerström believes that smoking also has a positive influence on the premature formation of age spots. This is great news for Kerstin, who now looks confidently in the mirror and is delighted every time she discovers another new wrinkle.

"Now people even think I'm much older than I really am!" she beams - proudly showing off her laugh lines.

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