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The satirical website for non- and still-smokers Die satirische Seite für Nicht- und Noch-Raucher LIFE DANGER – Please DO imitate!
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Recommend "Start Smoking" to a friend (but enemy also works)

Great - just the fact that you took the trouble to land here on this site shows your good will and noble character!
So you want to do something good for this website and the book. That is highly commendable!
Now we just have to get your PS (promo strength) on the road.

Some of you have a little trouble with sharing and forwarding. They are embarrassed to recommend something under "their own name" and think: "what could the others think of me?"
Do you recognize yourself? Good, because you have come here (controlled by your subconscious) for this very reason – to face your fears. Confrontation therapy! Say "Yes" and share what does not belong to you! (Later you can still claim that you did it for money).

Recommendation by e-mail
  • Click on this link, orientate yourself by the text in the hopefully opening e-mail and send the whole thing to all contacts you want to inform (the more the better for us!)
  • If no e-mail opens, get a new internet. But before that, just copy this text or write your own text and send it by e-mail (ideally, you will rave about the page and the book)
  • If you like, put the e-mail address empfehlung@start-smoking.com ("Empfehlung" is "recommendation in German, just to give you some teaching by the way) in CC (this makes your claim to do it for money more plausible) or in BCC (if you prefer to keep our agreement secret). Maybe the organizer of this website can somehow throw a stone back into the garden of the most diligent referrers at some point. (But this is not a hidden promise!)

Recommendation via "Social
You probably know more about it than the person writing this text. If not: "Mom? How did you end up here?"
Comment on the pages via Facebook, send posts about your respective social medium, link the pages you like, refer to the book page: https://start-smoking.com/buy-now.html or the newsletter page: https://start-smoking.com/newsletter.html and give (please only honest) ratings of the individual pages (5 stars are awarded at the bottom of each page).

Partner account at Amazon?
If you have an affiliate account on Amazon, please feel free to place an affiliate link to the book and promote it on your website.

Thank you very much for your support!
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