Start Smoking – (Non-)Smoking has never been so easy - Start Smoking – from non-smoker to chain smoker!

Satirical website for non- and still-smokers
The satirical website for non- and still-smokersContains a high level of black tumor!
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Start Smoking - The book

"How to become a smoker in ten steps!" The book to the website for (non-)smokers and friends of the black tumor.
Coming soon to your pharmacy - and now already on Amazon!

Smoker Accessories

150.000 $

Smoker's World

Smoker Test

Smoker or joker? Are you still puffing or are you already quartzing? Take the test.

Smoker FAQ

Everything you always wanted to know about smoking but were afraid to ask. Questions from smokers for smokers.

Smoker Blog

In the favour of the blue haze - reports and backgrounds about the most beautiful main thing in the world.

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