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Come to where
the cancer lives.
While researching for the book and website, we had the pleasure of meeting smokers all over the world. Here are a few of the most beautiful moments.
We start in Germany
Actually, the owners of poodle lady Tessie only wanted to kill themselves, now they have found out to their surprise that the dog was accidentally in the smoker's living room for the last 12 years. Whoops. So, dear parents, if you have accidentally fathered too many children, or if you only now realize that your income is not sufficient for the number of mouths to be stuffed (no reproach, you couldn't know) or if you are simply overwhelmed with your brats ... – well, you know what you can do ;)
Terri's cosmetic tips
We fly to the USA, to the land of the free and home of the graves. Here we meet the likeable and always joking Terri. Thanks to one or two cigarettes she has turned into a real beauty and regularly provides via her own hip beauty channel the smoking community with tips on how to insert your teeth, put on a wig and put on neck plugs.
Christine is Terri's biggest competitor for supremacy among beauty queens. The two princesses regularly battle each other to see who posts the coolest videos hyping the hottest beauty surgeries. When Christine had her oral cavity cancer operated from the jaw, it didn't just hit like a bomb in terms of clicks;) Let's see if Terri can do better. We promise to stop by on our way back. See you later, little crater!
Indonesia, you have it better
It fills us a little with envy to see how well Philip Morris' promotion of young talent works in Indonesia. Even though Germany is the leader in the EU in preventing tobacco advertising bans, Indonesia is in a league of its own. The country benefits enormously from the support of the tobacco companies. Ilham is 9 years old and already smokes like a real big one! He is a candidate for the Philip Morris Smoking Scholarship, which the company awards to talented young smokers from low-income families – in other words, virtually all Indonesian children.
The Indonesian colleagues also do an excellent job in the care of small children. They make sure that the time between the smoke-in-the-belly phase of the pregnant mother and the child's first cigarette is kept to a minimum. Once the finger motor skills are finally developed enough for the toddler to hold a cigarette on his own, the child is ready to start. Yes, there the mummy is beaming with pride at her little one who, at the age of 2 years, quacks her under the table. Ardi, the bundle of joy, even became a real star after his online appearance, but unfortunately he later lost his way. But who knows if there isn't a Smoky End with the cigarette after all, he has the facilities for it now.
The importance of sponsors in the promotion of young talent cannot be emphasized enough. The Indonesian Smokers' Guild repeatedly emphasises how grateful they are to Philip Morris and British American Tobacco for their commitment. While tobacco companies in industrialised countries have to deal with sly bureaucrats, developing countries offer them a regulatory El Dorado. At least the rising revenues from e-cigarettes in the West make it possible to finance advertising campaigns in developing countries. Smokers industrialised countries can thus at least indirectly support Indonesian children.
Back to where the flavor is
We are back on the holy ground of Marlboro Country and just catch the Marlboro man Wayne Mclaren before he says goodbye for a long time. During a strenuous ride on the Marlboro horse, the advertising cowboy has overexerted himself a little and is now recovering on his deathbed. His former employer Philip Morris has sent him a video of his commercials on his last days. So the Marlboro man can watch the most beautiful smoke scenes together with his family at farewell.
As promised, we want to visit our two US ladies again. Unfortunately Christine is deadly prevented, but Terri expects us in her bed. She had planned to quit smoking all her life, almost since shortly after she started as a teenager. However, no day had ever been the right day for her to quit smoking. Now, at the tender age of 53, possibly influenced by external circumstances, she has put her intention into practice with smoking consistency. The fresh air doesn't seem to agree with her very much, though. She looks a little pale around the nose and has stopped her beauty channel. You can't really understand what she is saying either, but her optimism and confidence have a igniting effect on all of us. Speaking of ignition, we got one on her right after she died! :)
Keep on Smil Smoking

Only one out of two smokers dies
from the cigarette – and even if you do, you're not dead right away.

You have the chance to quit smoking every day – so why today of all days? ;)

Your Filip Moritz
Filip Moritz
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