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The satirical website for non- and still-smokersContains a high level of black tumor!
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Pleasant Lung
This only 15 year old lung with a dream volume of 3.5 liters of a quasi-voluntary living donor is ordered on-demand for you from our Chinese supplier and exchanged on site!

Payment method:
Cash on delivery - in small, unmarked notes.

Please note:
This is a Marketplace offer. For further order processing we will forward your contact details to Mr. Vita Carleone, our cooperation partner of Lungs & Livers, who are specialized in the needs of chain smokers and alcoholics.

*The prices are subject to the usual black market fluctuations, please ask for the daily exchange rate before placing an order.
A greeting from Vita
"Dear chain smoker, thank you for your interest in these lungs. In the short demo video you can see our employee Amanda Eller at the final inspection in the Chinese plant Falun-Gong. The plant is located near the airport, right next to the voluntary training camp for people who need to catch up in the area of philosophy and worldview. Short travel times and fresh processing of the product are therefore guaranteed. Already now I wish you a pleasant handover!

PS: If, after check-in, it turns out that other organs of yours are still usable against all expectations, your data will automatically be added to the "Voluntary Donors" file. My staff will visit you personally if necessary.

Your Vita Cannelloni
Lungs & Livers - Your competent partner for body parts and other contract work
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