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Are you tired of buying expensive helium for every party, but don't want to do without keeping your guests happy with a funny voice?

Then, after your
larynx removal, reach for our handy electrolarynx from our "Smoker's Choice" Edition!
The stylish larynx replacement nestles harmoniously into your throttle pit and is the mood changer – not only at every helium party! Thanks to the integrated LTSHV (Live Time Simulated Helium Voice) you can talk like with helium, but without helium! Your whole, i.e. the rest of your, life!
First tests of the Darth Vader intonation add-on
Since she gave birth to her first cancer at 37, Sharon has been an enthusiastic customer. She has been using the Electrolarynx for many years and enjoys every minute she gets to carry it around with her.

As a health-conscious person, she regularly goes to the gym and always sets the treadmill to the highest level on the smoking scale. We met her at HITS (High Intensity Training for Smokers) and in our demo video we asked her to try the new Darth Vader intonation add-on, which will soon be available as an optional module.
Discussion of the results
In our Belgian branch we discussed the test impressions in front of a gathered board of directors. The tenor was that the Darth Vader add-on in the case of Sharon was not likely to convince the Star Wars fans, but one of the male testers came quite close to the sonority of the role model.

Furthermore, the test once again proved the outstanding suitability of the Electrolarynx as an icebreaker and party cannon. No wonder that it is so popular with mood makers whose vocal folds have gone up in smoke. Production manager Tom Van Dyck was accordingly enthusiastic. In the end, everyone went home satisfied.
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