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Laryngectomy (Service)
No more swallowing!


Enjoy a larynx resection under general anaesthesia during your several-day all-inclusive stay in our 2-star hospital in a rustic 5-bed room overlooking the first floor of the nurses' residence. (There are no shutters there for constructional reasons! ;)
A postoperative workshop on how to handle your new tracheostoma, including burp voice training, rounds off our offer. Early bookers receive a free neck plug!
Happy Hole!
After the hospital stay and a last trip to the nurses' home, Shawn is back home since a few days. We wanted to see in the video how he perceives the many reliefs that now accompany him in his daily life. Here is the original audio commentary, which has been dubbed in the meantime: "In the past I always had the problem to get the right water temperature. Through the hole in my neck, I can now regulate my body temperature much better. This also helps when mowing the lawn, where I used to sweat a lot. Fortunately, the annoying hairs on my neck are gone. This saves me a lot of time when shaving. Kids are thrilled when I show them how I drain water from my throat. Finally I can brush my teeth from behind without having to go over my mouth."
Make an appointment NOW for our belch voice training!

The burp voice training is already included in the laryngectomy package! Debi has completed the training with us as the station's best and doesn't have to keep her throat plug closed when talking anymore - in contrast to Terri, who still swears by the throat plug. (She absolutely had to have surgery somewhere else!) But decide for yourself. We let them compete in a laryngectomy battle.

Debi without plugs vs. Terri with plugs
So? Who would you give your voice to?
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