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The Legends of Tobacco
A small selection of prominent role models among the loyal chain smokers, who stayed with us until the end - even when things got really uncomfortable. Chapeu!
John Wayne
The Duke proved that you don't necessarily need every lung and stomach to be an upright anti-pacifist. After he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he went through a period of abstinence where he gave up his usual daily ration of five packs and showed his cold lips to the cigarette. Later, however, he took it up again between them in remorse. His lung cancer was eventually joined by stomach cancer, so that at 72 he raised the American flag.
Sigmund Freud
In the last 15 years of his life, the cigar aficionado has undergone more than 30 surgeries due to his adult oral cancer. But even without the right upper jaw, palate and tongue mucosa, he did not let the Freud' (joy) go from him and continued his cheerful cigar play. After all, he languished psychologically until 83, before he was given a lethal morphine injection.
Humphrey Bogart
He was also a very loyal smoker and had understood that cigarettes and alcohol complement each other perfectly. The result was a magnificent cancer that had made itself comfortable in his esophagus. After the latter had been removed along with two lymph nodes and a rib, he had to smoke and drink without it. However, even complications with food intake and a slight coughing could not dissuade him from his course. In the end he made it easy for himself, weighing only 72 pounds, and said goodbye to the smoking stage at the age of 57.
Helmut Schmidt
As a sideline politician, Helmut Schmidt was perhaps the most important German smoker of all. He harboured a colourful potpourri of respiratory and cardiovascular problems and could look back on a remarkable history of serious illnesses. The statisticians and PR people in the tobacco companies hold it in high esteem that he did not retire into the eternal haze until the age of 96, and that he was able to continue smoking old wisdom on talk shows almost to the end.

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