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Oxygen mask with safety tube


This nobly designed oxygen mask nestles perfectly into your face formation. The included safety tubing combines practical flexibility with the necessary tensile strength that you will appreciate if, as your condition worsens, there is a need to misuse the tubing. In this case, ask your local hardware store for a suitable frame or gallows.
The practical test
Christine is a smoker with lungs and soul. When she sees the pictures of corona patients from the hospitals in Bergamo, her most ardent wish is to be given artificial respiration herself. Her husband finally gives in to her urging and gives her the oxygen mask for her last birthday.
In addition, he orders an ambulance to take Christine to her regular hospital so that she can try out the mask in peace and quiet. We accompanied her with the camera.
The good news: After the shooting Christine was able to increase her cigarette pens further - and finally got rid of the rest of her teeth. She raved about the mask until her death. Our pleasure, Christine!
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