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The satirical website for non- and still-smokers Die satirische Seite für Nicht- und Noch-Raucher LIFE DANGER – Please DO imitate!
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How to become a smoker in ten steps!"
Required reading for
– Smokers
– Non smokers
– Ironists and friends of the black tumor
– And the rest!
6 $
New in the "corn be alert" collection
– Arteriosclerosis already integrated!
– Right- or left-footed version
– In all gender variants
– Different degrees of hairiness selectable
– Including DIY-Sewing-Kit!
20.000 $
Mask including safety tube
– Noble design
– "Bergamo approved"
– Also protects against bad breath
– Tensile resistant hose for optional applications
2 $
Extensive laryngeal resection
– Never swallow again
– Relaxing general anaesthesia
– Stay of several days in 2-star hospital
– Rustic 5-bed room
– Incl. belch voice training
10.000 $
The party cracker for the voiceless
– "Smoker's Choice" Edition
– No more helium costs
– Integrated LTHV (Live Time Helium Voice)
– Coming soon with Darth Vader intonation add-on
– Ideal complement to Laryngectomy (service)
140 $
Cheque book maintained respiratory organ
– Only 15 years old!
– 3,5 litre volume
– From exclusive living donation
– On-demand ordering
– Exchange directly on site in China
150.000 $
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