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Retailers count on PAD „window shoppers”

Start Smoking – from non-smoker to chain smoker!
5 November 2020
Retailers hope for PADlers and invite for window-shopping!
Smoking has always been the biggest promoter of PAD, the peripheral artery disease, which is caused by circulatory problems in the arteries that can lead to the popular smoker's leg.

The PAD - shop window to the artery
In the case of PAVK, constrictions in the arteries (preferably in the thighs) caused by deposits lead to an obstruction of the blood flow.

PAD arteries
Deposits in the vessels allow the leg is no longer supplied with sufficient oxygen.

Beneficiaries of the PAD can usually only walk short distances before they have to stop in pain – as if they were going from shop window to shop window. This is why PAD is also affectionately called "window shoppers disease".

Impulse for the retail economy
The economy is relying on impulses from window shoppers for the retail sector, which has been badly hit by the Corona crisis. "We are hoping for an increase in the number of smokers," says Arthurio Sklerosi from the CILASUMF trade association (cigarettes, lignite, alcohol, sugar, Monsanto and furs), also with a view to the upcoming winter season in the fur trade.

Arthurio Sclerosi: Idealist and Philanthropist

Sclerosi hopes that the "windower", the colloquial term for PAD patients in smoking jargon, will increasingly "move" in the shopping streets and pedestrian zones.

He is already calling on his tobacco dealers and fur shop owners in the association to invest in an attractive window display. "If we succeed in getting more people to smoke again, the classic shop window could experience a revival in the strategic marketing of the retail trade and become the new old point of sale". Sklerosi appeals to PAD-guys not to have their leg taken off, but to be taken to the city centres instead, to shop windows and perhaps discover one or the other buying opportunity.

Although the purchase prices for real fur have been further reduced by optimising the cage occupancy with live animals on Chinese fur farms and thus improving the margin situation somewhat, it is now important to use the momentum of the increasing willingness on consumers to buy real fur products in autumn.
"I appeal to the sympathy of the end customers, who can support the fur traders and our Chinese suppliers by buying real fur and any fur-trimmed clothing and accessories. A little less selfishness would be good for them all."

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